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As an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner and Certified Amazon Marketing Cloud Partner, Revive is uniquely positioned to leverage AMC and give businesses the competitive edge needed to stand out from the crowd.
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What is Amazon Marketing Cloud?
Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a highly secure, privacy-focused cloud-based solution that enables advertisers to analyze anonymized data, including Amazon Ads signals and their own inputs. By leveraging AMC, advertisers gain powerful insights that unlock the true potential of their data and drive impactful marketing strategies.

Key Features

Holistic Measurement

Utilizing the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS), AMC helps advertisers optimize campaign measurement, audience analysis, media optimization, and more.

Privacy-Safe Environment

AMC safely handles first-party data, ensuring strict adherence to Amazon's privacy policies and maintaining a secure environment for advertisers. Your personal data are inaccessible and cannot be exported by Amazon.

Flexible Analytics

Streamline your analysis of unique measurement questions and tackle key objectives by structuring custom queries that are tailored to fit the specific needs of your business.

Cross-Media Insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey by analyzing signals across video, audio, display, and search. This deeper understanding unveils how Amazon ad products best work together to solve customer needs.

The Problem Our Clients Are Facing

As media investments become increasingly complex, clear data insights are crucial for advertisers to succeed. To maximize efficacy and results, it is essential to understand how Amazon's ad products best work together within its growing ecosystem.

The Solution AMC is Providing.

AMC centralizes data from Amazon's entire ecosystem into a secure location, providing businesses with convenient access to understanding their customers' behaviors. This lowers the barrier to entry for advertisers to gain valuable insights about their customers beyond campaign-specific data.

AMC Differentiators

Use cases to show the power of Amazon Marketing Cloud

Campaign Deep-Dive

Inspect campaign reach, frequency, and total impact across the marketing funnel. Utilizing past campaign performance, we build data-informed strategies to continuously improve performance. When data is combined at the user level, it provides the most accurate picture of campaign performance and opportunities for optimization.

Journey Assessment

Analyze the sequence, frequency, and types of audience interactions on the path to conversion. Understanding audience interactions on the path to conversion allows us to identify the right strategy at each stage of the marketing funnel. AMC provides a detailed understanding of what customers are doing on and off amazon, and how they are engaging with your brand.

Audience Insights & Targeting

Learn about the composition of the audiences exposed to your ads and the attributes of the groups that are engaging. By combining Amazon’s vast and unique customer data with AMC’s ability to provide customer behavior insights, we can build custom audiences that exponentially improve campaign performance.

Media Mix Analysis

Understand a media channel’s incremental value and the effectiveness of combining different ad units. User-level data breaks down silos between channels, helping advertisers find the right media mix to meet their needs.

Omni-Channel Impact

Evaluate how Amazon Ad campaigns drive engagement, sales, and store visitation. AMC helps you understand performance across all your marketing channels in one place.

Custom Attribution

Tailor how you credit different touch points to understand the full contribution of different media and campaigns.

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AMC In Action

Auto Dealer Used AMC to Find Best path To Conversion

AMC analysis shows the impact exposing a user to multiple Amazon Ad Products has on performance.
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Connecting Purchases with Streaming TV Through AMC

Revive used AMC's cross-platform data to analyze the client's Streaming TV campaign's impact on sales across Amazon product channels.
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Boost Media Spending Efficiency With Custom Audiences

To help a luxury goods company optimize their digital media budgets, Revive leveraged Amazon DSP and Sponsored ads, reducing acquisition costs, and utilizing AMC Audiences to craft custom audiences.
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Unlocking Lifetime Value Insights

Leveraging lifetime value insights in advertising strategies leads to a 25% increase in customer retention and an average improvement of 20% or more in ROAS.
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How is AMC reporting different from Amazon DSP reporting?

How is attribution using AMC different from Amazon Attribution?

Who is the right fit?
What AMC is not.
How is AMC reporting different from Amazon DSP reporting?
How is attribution using Amazon Marketing Cloud different from Amazon Attribution?
Who is the right fit?
What AMC is not.
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