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Revive is a team of people who care. We prioritize people over profits, simplicity over complexity, and educating over informing. We are here to renew your perspective on what an agency partner should be.

What we do

Data Insights & Measurement
Amazon Ad
Industry Leader
Streaming TV
Online Video
Sponsored Ads
Category, Brand, and Creative Insights
Beta Testing
Amazon Ads Audits

Simplifying workflows
wherever possible

Customized Partner Collaboration Space

We personalize your portal to align with your brand's needs. With you in the driver's seat, we make it easy to monitor your campaigns and connect with people who can help. Our focus on transparency means no information is off-limits, from status updates to meeting notes, access the things that matter most, all in one place.

Real-Time Reporting

Get a comprehensive view of your campaign performance, across channels and down to the line item. Our dashboards offer immediate, granular, and easy-to-understand results that provide the insights to make informed decisions, when you need them.

The Perfect Blend of Human + Technology

Our proprietary technology streamlines pacing optimization and automates repetitive tasks, bringing in our experts at pivotal moments to allow further concentration on higher-impact work. With continuous learning and built-in quality control features, you can trust that your campaigns are running as intended.

We are People's

Meet our team of no-ego overachievers who are taking our partners to the next level.
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Partner Stories

At Revive, you are more than a client, you are a partner. Together, we create custom solutions that help you achieve success. Don't just take our word for it - hear it from our partners.
I made the switch from having Amazon manage our DSP advertising to Revive Media over a year ago. I couldn't be happier! We have had much better results than we were seeing with Amazon directly. We've had several mediocre (at best) agency relationships in the past, but I actually cherish this one.
The Result
Increased ROAS
Revive is a great extension to our team as they help us build strategies for our specific digital needs. Plus their contagious energy makes for a great collaborative working relationship that has resulted in several successful campaigns.
The Result
VCR for STV in 2022
Revive is always on top of everything. Get stuff live quickly. Give us timely updates and reporting. We very much appreciate the support you provide to us.
The Result
Campaigns Run In 2022
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