Amazon Focused Digital Marketing Partner

Revive specializes in seamlessly adopting Amazon’s DSP management, injecting campaign lift, and unlocking incentives for our Agency partners.

Why the Need for Revive?

Taking back time and driving results


Amazon Products, Audience Targeting, Amazon Supply Inventory, Campaign Setup Nuance.


Managing campaigns on Amazon's DSP can take a significant amount of time without tools like bulk upload. Revive has the technologies and the experience to drive results for your business.  Let us help.


Amazon’s offering is changing daily.  Partner with Revive to take advantage of a privileged relationship, unlocking innovative new solutions.

Partnership Opportunities

Every partner has their own needs, strengths, and vision for their business. Whether Revive is needed for
consultancy, campaign setup help, hands-on training, or full Amazon DSP campaign management, we aim to please.

Revive Managed Service

Managing Amazon DSP campaigns, providing dedicated top notch service by informing, optimizing, and reporting, while also driving better results through the use of proprietary technology.

Transition to Self Service

Working to transition Amazon managed service accounts to self-service. This includes coordinating with Amazon to provide transition materials between entities and provide trainings to enable you to feel comfortable taking control of buying programmatically on Amazon.

Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands

Offering services to manage Amazon Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands. Revive can help to grow your brand's sales by reaching  customers on Amazon who are searching for similar products and also help customers engage with your brand as they spend time on site.

Campaign Setup

Setting up a programmatic campaign can be difficult for two major reasons: the time it takes to build in a platform without access to bulk tools and the time needed to learn the nuances of the platform. Revive will harness this challenge for you.

Revive Media

The Revive Approach


Revive drives ROI lift with product expertise, as well as tactical knowledge only gained through campaign management experience.


Revive's proprietary optimization solution combines Amazon's powerful data sets to find the perfect union that drives results while avoiding unneeded extra costs.


We understand that analysis is ultra important in both pre and post campaign analysis. Revive provides analysis that takes complex reports and makes them simple to digest.

Meet the People

Our Amazing Team

We believe experience and work ethic lead to success. Quality versus Quantity, and human resources is no exception to that rule.

Adam Goering
CEO & Co-Founder
Adam has 10+ years of experience working for large companies, most notably Amazon. He has proven success in managing and optimizing campaigns, as well as growing businesses through aggressive marketing strategies. He has most recently worked as the programmatic lead on Automotive for Amazon and decided to co-found Revive after determining a customer need for education and support of Amazon's DSP.
Amazon Advertising Programmatic Accreditation
Stewart Bradley
Stewart played professional football in the NFL prior to moving into the corporate world. After ‘retiring’ he joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in the TMT group.  He most recently worked as analyst focused on advertising/media at Steadfast Financial, a NY based hedge fund. His experience investing in the advertising space was instrumental in his decision to co-found Revive Media.
Amazon Advertising Programmatic Accreditation
Laquita Stephens
Laquita has over 6 years of experience in the field of digital advertising. Her client-centric solutions, empathetic communication skills, and ability to execute programmatic campaigns at an optimal level, has consistently helped clients meet and exceed their advertising goals.
Amazon Advertising Programmatic Accreditation
Nolan Gallagher
Nolan has more than 5 years of experience in advertising and technology account management, business development, and sales.  He leads our Client Partner team at Revive, where he will help advertisers deliver results by leveraging the power of programmatic advertising.
Amazon Advertising Programmatic Accreditation
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