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The Power of Share of Voice (SOV)
Tools For Amazon Advertisers
Arthur Clifford
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In the world of Amazon advertising, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is crucial. One of these often-overlooked metrics is Share of Voice (SOV). But just how important is it, and why should advertisers pay attention to it?

SOV measures how much "real estate" your brand occupies on Amazon's search result pages. It's not a static number; it varies based on search terms and keywords. Understanding your SOV is vital for success when it comes to driving revenue through Amazon advertising.

Why Is SOV Valuable For Advertisers?

It provides insights into your brand's visibility and market presence. By keeping an eye on your SOV, you can pinpoint areas for improvement and fine-tune your advertising strategies to enhance both your organic visibility and competitiveness.

The number of available advertising spots on search result pages is influenced by factors like search volume, product competitiveness, and relevance. As a keyword or product category becomes more popular and competitive, more advertisers vie for those prime spots, making them limited resources.

When it comes to advertising on Amazon, having a high share of voice through strategic optimization and bid management is invaluable. A higher SOV not only boosts brand exposure but also increases the likelihood of driving organic traffic and sales.

However, it's crucial to strike a balance between your brand's share of voice and the available advertising spots on Amazon's result pages. While having a higher SOV is desirable, optimizing bidding strategies to secure profitable placements within the available inventory is equally important.

At Revive, we offer the tools and expertise to effectively monitor SOV and understand its impact on your business. Contact us today for a free account audit and harness the power of SOV to drive your Amazon advertising success.

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