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Revive Acquires Verb
Revive continues its unstoppable momentum with the acquisition of the data analytics company Verb
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Revive has had a big year. Recently celebrating its 4th anniversary and being named the fastest-growing private advertising agency in the Pacific Region (Inc. 5000 List), Revive has proven its ability to make a significant impact on the industry. This momentum continues as they announce their acquisition of data analytics company, Verb.

"We're thrilled to announce the acquisition of Verb, a company that shares our commitment to bringing the continuous innovation needed to service our partners.” said Revive's CEO and Founder, Adam Goering. "By leveraging Verb's technical expertise, we will elevate our offering tenfold."

Verb has been a vital partner to Revive for over two years. The success of their partnership allowed Revive to focus on workflow efficiencies outside of data and analytics and ultimately save their partners money. “Revive has flourished by building and focusing on the essential elements needed to provide a top-notch service offering while keeping up with the fast paced innovation of Amazon. We are excited to transform our business with the help of a team of proven engineers who will bring a unique perspective to our leadership team. This is coming at a pivotal time, with Amazon’s ad innovation starting to accelerate with things like AMC, Amazon Publisher Direct, and Performance Plus" added Goering.

Revive was initially drawn to Verb's ability to optimize data warehouses and create visually stunning and secure dashboards. The company plans to bolster these dashboards by adding more tools and customization options to meet the varying needs of businesses. This will simplify the analysis of large volumes of data across channels and campaigns, providing actionable insights, and improving overall ad effectiveness with Amazon Ads products. A recent study by eMarketer found that advertisers who use Amazon Advertising and leverage data analytics tools can see an average of a 19% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). The study also found that top-performing advertisers who utilize data analytics to inform their strategy can see a ROAS increase of up to 35%. (Source) Verb's co-founder and CTO, Oleg Fridman, adds, "Gathering and managing insightful, actionable data has become critical for thriving ad tech businesses. It's no longer enough to simply regurgitate stats about impressions or views. To thrive in a competitive landscape, companies must leverage data to create value, build richer experiences, and drive better outcomes.”

Revive's vision for the acquisition is not limited to advancing data analytics capabilities. Their aim is to integrate Verb's values of excellence in data visualization, performance, and automation across the organization, leading to a more efficient and streamlined operation. "We're honored to join the Revive team and bring our engineering and data culture into the fold. We'll focus on leveraging complex data, developing deeper insights to solve challenging problems, and helping the business stay ahead of the curve with emerging technologies and our own suite of tools," said Verb's co-founder and Head of Product, Dave Hurt.

With this acquisition, Verb becomes Revive, a unified company with no plans of slowing down their rapid momentum. Together they bring a proprietary tech stack, an expanded team with unique strengths, and additional resources to build the tools needed to help businesses of all sizes succeed. Revive is excited to continue delivering exceptional results for their partners and revolutionizing the way businesses approach digital marketing.

More About Revive

Revive is an Amazon Ads Advanced Partner, founded by a former Amazon employee who recognized the need for specialized support in driving value across the Amazon Ads ecosystem. A company built on common sense and connections, Revive has grown to be an industry leader in both AMC and Streaming TV, offering a comprehensive suite of Amazon ad solutions both on and off the platform.

Revive is committed to raising the bar for agency partnerships. They have built a strong reputation based on transparency, collaboration, and genuine relationships with their partners. Revive focuses their time and resources on strategies that reduce complexity, leveling the playing field for brands of all sizes to achieve success. Their Amazon expertise, tailored technology, and connections combine to offer strong value for their partners.

More About Verb

Verb Data was founded in 2020 by two Software as a Service (SaaS) entrepreneurs. Their platform provided customer-facing analytics solutions to tech enabled businesses to improve the quality and speed at which analytics solutions are built. Its highly scalable platform combined data infrastructure and analytics components to automate the analytics life-cycle without requiring code.

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As an Advanced Amazon Ads Partner and industry leader in both AMC and STV, Revive has years of experience leveraging Amazon's exclusive supply and audience data to drive unparalleled results for brands selling on and off the platform.

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