Case Study

AMC Custom Audiences Drives New-To-Brand Growth For Nature’s Path


Nature's Path is a family-owned organic food company dedicated to crafting delicious, wholesome, and sustainable breakfast and snack options. With a deep commitment to organic farming, eco-friendly practices, and non-GMO ingredients, Nature's Path has been a pioneer in producing nutritious, planet-friendly food for over three decades. Guided by the belief that good food should nurture both people and the planet, Nature's Path continually strives to provide consumers with high-quality, organic, and environmentally responsible food choices that support a healthier, more sustainable future.
Health Enthusiasts
Target audience
United States
Cereals, snack bars, nutritional supplements


To help a reputable health brand thrive amidst economic uncertainty, Revive sought to help the brand optimize their digital media budgets while continuing to employ a multi-channel media strategy. Revive also aimed to reduce customer acquisition costs as the brand expanded audience reach.


Revive used AMC's cross-platform data to analyze the client's Streaming TV campaign's impact on sales across Amazon product channels. By considering user behavior and paths to purchase, Revive identified Streaming TV's role in driving sales and provided valuable insights for optimizing marketing efforts. Armed with these insights, the client can now drive future sales more effectively.

The Results

With our new custom "add to cart" audiences, we've seen significant improvements in new-to-brand purchases, ROAS, and total purchase rates. Specifically, the new custom audiences have shown substantial growth, with a 2.9X increase in new-to-brand ROAS and a 2.3X increase in new-to-brand purchase rate, especially within Amazon Owned and Operated inventory. Our ongoing goal is to enhance efficiency in attracting incremental brand buyers and assess the long-term impact on lifetime value (LTV) through increased new-to-brand buyers over time.
Total Purchase Rate
30% Increase
New-to-Brand ROAS
55% Increase
New-to-Brand Purchase Rate
18% Increase*
*Compared to other conversion audiences with a 60-day lookback (excluding purchasers)
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