Head of HR

Los Angeles, California, United States, Full time

Revive is a 100% remote organization specializing in ad campaign management on Amazon's owned and operated properties (i.e., Amazon.com, IMDb, Twitch). Our team works remotely in California, Florida, Colorado, Oregon, and Montana. Our culture and processes prioritize strong communication, the ability to work asynchronously, and to work well independently. We are a tight-knit group that prides itself on the deep internal and external relationships we hold. Simply put, we’re a team of highly empathic, no-ego over-achievers.

Revive is looking for a Head of HR who will be central to nurturing and enhancing our unique culture and people-first approach. You will be the catalyst in developing HR strategies that resonate with our business goals and reflect the essence of our collaborative and inclusive culture. Your role will involve fostering exceptional relationships between employees and management, leading our recruitment to attract and retain the best talent, and implementing performance systems that are both effective and meaningful.

In this role, you will manage compensation and benefits to ensure fairness and competitiveness, address training needs to elevate our team's capabilities, and maintain compliance with HR legal standards while advocating for best practices. Your leadership will drive initiatives in employee development, succession planning, and talent management. You will be a champion of our company culture, developing initiatives to reinforce our core values, and leading team events in collaboration with Revive’s Culture Committee.



There’s life at work and life outside of work- we’d like to improve both.

100% Medical, Vision, Dental Coverage

50% Dependent Benefits Coverage


Unlimited PTO

Monthly 4 Day Work Week


Always Remote

Revive Observed Holidays

Coffee Subscription

Work From Home Stipend

Team and Individual Performance Bonuses

About Revive

100% Remote
We always have been remote and always will be remote. We believe you should have the opportunity to spend more time with your kids, work at your favorite coffee shop (on us, of course), and play your favorite playlists however loud you need to get your work done. We’re all built differently and have different needs in different places. We celebrate this diversity at Revive and do everything we can to empower our teammates.
A Rocket Ship
We are built on unfair advantages. Through our deep relationships, platform development, and top-notch talent and culture, the only thing slowing us down is preconceived notions. We know there are better ways of doing business than conventional methods and our rapid growth is backing it up.
High Empathy, No-Ego Over-Achievers
The cat's out of the bag: Our secret sauce is our people. Our people facilitate every client interaction with empathy, make impact-driving decisions for our business, and come ready to support one another every day. If you have heart, hunger, and humility, you may be the best person to fill the next seat on our rocket ship.
The Elevator Pitch
Revive Media unlocks growth by delivering simplicity, transparency, and quality interactions to digital advertising. We specialize in OTT and e-commerce advertising across Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, IMDbTV, Twitch, and the open web.
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