Every impression counts.  Whether it’s our first impression with you, or the 100,000th impression on an ad campaign, we want it to matter.  We believe that efficiency is the key to success, and targeting and tools will help marketers meet their goals.  Amazon’s DSP has 3 core values that make it worthy of being our company’s sole focus - Exclusive DATA, Exclusive SUPPLY, & logged-in SCALE.  

Due to Amazon’s strength in retail and innovation, there has been less focus on marketing, appropriate staffing, and the build out of appropriate tools needed to compete with other DSPs whose sole focus is Advertising.  Revive fills that gap.  

The Opportunity

Amazon has 500K+ employees and navigating that infrastructure can be challenging.  Having internal connections is paramount in solving for the inevitable day-to-day hurdles that arise and Revive’s connections run deep.  Amazon offers a wide range of products, audiences, and inventory - Knowledge and Expertise on these solutions is a must.  Revive knows Amazon.  Amazon’s product features are lacking - agencies and brands do not have the time to build the necessary campaign infrastructure needed to make every impression count.  Revive can shoulder that labor, giving back time to focus on high level strategy.

Our Vision

Revive believes in Amazon's ability to produce data-driven results, for both advertisers selling products on Amazon, and those who don't.  Revive aims to focus on advertisers that may feel underserved and provide them with the same expertise and service that large advertisers have come to expect.  Bringing simplicity to programmatic ad buying on possibly the most complex DSP will allow small businesses to compete with larger brands and serve more meaningful ads to their consumers.