About Us

A look under the hood of the people that make up Revive

Our Goals & Values

Revive Media was co-founded by two friends that always pushed the limits of competition.  We believe competition is healthy if and only if there is a deep respect for all parties involved.  We also believe that celebrating each others' strengths can be very powerful in creating a culture that people both want to work in, and also work with.  Our goal in starting this company is to simplify media buying to the point that a small business owner in a small town with no digital experience can put an ad for his/her company on their spouse's favorite show or website.  People have a desire to know that their money is well spent, and we believe having the power to activate an ad that resonates in one’s home will make the non-tangible, feel tangible.

Co-Founder Stewart Bradley grew up in Utah, excelling to an elite level in everything he did.  He was blessed with exceptional talents in athletics and put his corporate life on hold to play in the NFL for 7 years.  From there, he put his accounting degree to good use and started working at Goldman Sachs as an analyst.  He has most recently been working at a hedge fund where he was afforded the opportunity to travel the world in the front seat while learning what makes or breaks a company.  He is a passionate individual and thrives on building ideas and creating solutions.  He has always dreamt of starting his own venture, and Revive Media was created.

Co-Founder Adam Goering grew up in Nebraska and got his start in digital media when Yahoo opened an office there.  He has spent the last 10+ years feeling fortunate to land in an industry that has given him so much over the years - food on the table, broadened horizons, and life long relationships.  He has spent those years working for 3 large companies, where he gained invaluable experience in learning the digital ad space from the ground up.  Most recently, he was the programmatic lead on the Autos vertical, educating partners on the powers of Amazon’s DSP. He saw a huge need to provide a greater level of service to smaller agencies and brands, something not possible with the current support structure in place, and Revive Media was born.

Together, Adam and Stew want to build a people-focused company that blurs the lines of work and play, and has its people wanting to come to “work” every day to rejuvenate, just as they do with family and friends.  This will only be possible if each person feels they can contribute and that their voice is heard.  No traditional 8-5 mentality here; each individual knows what their mind and body need to accomplish a shared goal, and we aim to facilitate that in any way we can.  

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”
Mark Twain

Our Amazing Team

We believe experience and work ethic lead to success. Quality versus Quantity, and human resources is no exception to that rule.

Adam Goering
CEO & Co-Founder
Adam has 10+ years of experience working for large companies, most notably Amazon. He has proven success in managing and optimizing campaigns, as well as growing businesses through aggressive marketing strategies. He has most recently worked as the programmatic lead on Automotive for Amazon and decided to co-found Revive after determining a customer need for education and support of Amazon's DSP.
Stewart Bradley
Stewart played professional football in the NFL prior to moving into the corporate world.  After ‘retiring’, he joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker in the TMT group.  He most recently worked as an analyst focused on advertising/media at Steadfast Financial, a New York-based hedge fund.   His experience investing in the advertising space was instrumental in his decision to co-found Revive Media.

Laquita Stephens
Laquita has over 6 years of experience in the field of digital advertising. Her client-centric solutions, empathetic communication skills, and ability to execute programmatic campaigns at an optimal level, has consistently helped clients meet and exceed their advertising goals.
Nolan Gallagher
Nolan has more than 5 years of experience in advertising and technology account management, business development, and sales.  He leads our Client Partner team at Revive, where he will help advertisers deliver results by leveraging the power of programmatic advertising.
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