Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon's DSP?

Amazon's DSP or Demand Side Platform is a tool enabling marketers to buy ad inventory programmatically, both on and off Amazon. Marketers typically utilize several DSPs due to the different feature sets that they offer, but generally there is a short list of DSPs that the majority of brands and agencies focus on because of their unique capabilities surrounding data, inventory, and functionality.

What audience targeting solutions does Amazon's DSP have that I cannot get elsewhere?

Amazon has a wealth of data coming from the over 200M monthly US visitors that shop on Searches, browsing product pages, and purchasing behavior are utilized to create both in-market and lifestyle audiences that can be very powerful for marketers. Lesser known targetable audiences are built from Freevee (Amazon Owned & Operated, formerly known as IMDb) and Amazon Garage (over 60M Monthly Unique Users have entered in year/make/model of their vehicle to qualify automotive parts in fitting their vehicle).

What sites/inventory are exclusive to Amazon's DSP that I cannot buy on other DSPs? and Freevee inventory can only be purchased direct through Amazon. Amazon also recently launched Freevee, a service allowing customers to instantly watch a selection of digital movies and TV shows for free, without requiring a subscription to Amazon Prime or any additional Prime Video Channels.

May I buy inventory on Amazon's DSP on my own?

Yes. Everyone is able to reach out to a representative to tap into Amazon's DSP. Amazon charges a 25% management fee and you must commit to a $35K monthly minimum. Revive is in a position to be more flexible with fees and minimums, so we encourage you to reach out.

What does Revive Media do?

It is no secret among ad buying industry professionals that Amazon's marketing suite is complicated and their tools are not easy to use. Revive brings education, experience and dedicated support into the mix, to allow brands and agencies to allot more time to planning, strategy and creative work.

I've heard of other companies offering programmatic buying support. What is unique about Revive Media?

When you choose to work with a support team, you are paying for unique technology and service. Beyond proprietary technology, arguably the best piece of Revive Media is the people. You are tapping into a group of experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge in programmatic ad buying and Amazon's infrastructure, that helps brands/agencies get what they need. Relationships are everything. You'll want to build one with our people and you'll want to tap into Revive's deep connections within Amazon.

Does Revive Media take the place of the current agency I work with?

Revive currently does not offer the full suite of services that the traditional agency provides, instead choosing to specialize solely on programmatic buying. Quite often, agencies have not or will not get properly trained on all programmatic buying platforms, spending their time and focus on planning and strategy. This reality leads to agencies working with the DSP that is easiest to work with, instead of the platform offering the most value and efficiency.

I already have an agency that has a programmatic trading desk. Is there still a need for Revive Media?

Maybe. Agency trading desks have their hands full in buying programmatically with 1 or 2 DSPs. They may utilize an API to make changes across all of their running campaigns and when an API is not an option, they use bulk edit/upload features. Amazon does not currently have API functionality for their DSP, nor do they have bulk features. Additionally, there is education needed to properly utilize Amazon's DSP and an agency trading desk may not have that.

I have set up an entity to buy programmatically on Amazon's DSP. Now what?

Anyone can set up an entity if you provide the necessary documentation. You are well on your way to buying media programmatically. Revive can provide consultation to help you understand capabilities, demo the platform to explain feature sets, and also provide hands-on training for you and your team. For a fee, depending on campaign size and structure, we can provide complete resources to build your campaign and set it up for success.

I currently run managed service through Amazon because I don't have a team to buy programmatic media. I see you have a managed service option and was wondering why I would work with you instead of Amazon representatives?

Amazon offers managed service as long as you meet campaign minimums and it sounds like that was not an issue for you. Amazon charges a fixed rate for those services, and it is difficult to uncover who is pulling the levers within the system and at what cadence. Revive provides better clarity into what is going into the management of your campaigns and can also offer more cost efficiency on rates, depending on size and nature of the campaigns.

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