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We are a tight knit group that prides itself on the deep relationships we hold both internally and externally. Simply put, we're a team of highly empathic, no-ego over-achievers.

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Shared values

What you work for should reflect what you stand for

Ever evolving - Built on trust

The digital landscape is always rapidly changing, but recent major shifts in entertainment, shopping, and consumer mentality has even the most savvy marketers in need of assistance.  A few digital platforms have separated themselves as being the obvious choice to concentrate advertising efforts, and their fast growth has spurred a need for resources and education.

Revive was built on a foundation of expertise, a frugal mindset, and real relationships that have lead to premier access to the platforms marketers cannot ignore.  We are grateful to be in the position we are in and our focus is and always will be on our duty to provide real value to the end customer.

This means we must be fully transparent in all aspects of our business and take an unbiased approach to how we serve our clients.  No hidden margins, extra benefits, or handouts.  This belongs to our partners.  Our reputation is all we have and it's our duty to provide real value at a known cost.

Aligned to Innovation - Solving for complexities

Our philosophy is to bring our expertise to digital by focusing on what we feel are sure bets now and in the future - Video, Audio, & eCommerce. Innovation leads to complexity, and we feel we must limit options to provide a simplicity to our customers that will generate an efficiency leading to a high probability in return.  We cannot stand the thought of wasting money, yours or ours.  Calculated risks is as far as we'll go.

Results - Reputation

How do we deliver results, protect our reputation, and grow as a company? We focus on what we can control. Being better people. Happier. Smarter. Well-rested. And Humble. Care for OUR people who are serving YOU. Caring for those we interact with is the blueprint of the platform we have built and will continue to build.

This platform focuses on transparency, education, and diversity of perspective. We are building a tolerance and comfortability around being vulnerable. This is the stepping stone to inviting our customers into our technology to make it better and enable more value to those who want the revive experience.